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Kate Mara in hardcore fuck action

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Thanks to these hardcore pictures of Kate Mara fucking, I can finally shake off the tired images I have of her as a boring old domestic woman, probably living in a town populated by tumbleweed, and trying to scrub the floor with six bawling kids dragging at her heels. Her face just looked so… homey, to me that I didn’t find her appealing at first, you know, especially with those freckles. But it’s a good thing my mind’s far from looking at her freckly face now and focusing more on her wilder activities, e.g. fucking and taking a cock right up the ass.

She didn’t even seem the wild type to me, but there you go. And any celebrity who’s willing to show her tits and let her cunt get banged raw in front of a camera is anything BUT tame. I actually wish she’d do less movies and go into actual porn; she’d absolutely look natural in it now.

So if you guys were skeptical in the beginning too about this hot chick, and have now just been converted, I invite you to see Kate Mara go into some hardcore action with these horny fuck pictures, and you can kiss her country home-impression goodbye.

Kate Mara sizzles with her naked pictures

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

There is definitely something sexy about Kate Mara that guys are bowling all over her once they get to see her on television or in movies. Acting is definitely in her blood and she is one promising actress out to conquer Hollywood with her acting talent and her alluring beauty… but how would you feel if you get to see Kate in a very different way, the Kate Mara that you don’t usually see on TV or on film. And if we say that we have uncovered some of the most provocative and revealing images of Kate without her clothes as she poses for the camera like a hot vixen. Someone must have leaked these naked pictures and now people are in a hurry to get hold of them and we are fortunate to have them and now this Brokeback Mountain babe is showing off her sexy naked body for the first time in front of the cameras!

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